Fully equipped with necessary functions for interpretation.

EV Report – Reporting system  Observe our approach to composing and communicating radiology reports in a fast and comfortable way.

DICOM Viewer
Interpretation by performing various operations on the image.
Using DICOM Viewer enables image interpretation by changing image size and windowing for easy viewing. You can view previously taken images, compare them with other images and keep track of the changes in the patient’s condition. It’s very convenient since it is not only capable of viewing image , but also of measuring the length, area , and body fat of the specified range. 

Mammo Viewer
An application used to display mammography images from the DICOM Viewer.
Mobile Viewer
Mobile viewer is devices to view image
All images viewable on PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) can be viewed on tablet devices and a smartphone as well.
Report System – EV Report
Achieving speed and precision with ease
EV Report saves you the time and effort to write more comprehensive reports with greater precision. Designed with fast and easy operational functions, our report system has the flexibility to fully adapt and efficiently assist your radiology workflow.
EV Palette
Teaching file system
Inspire the interactive learning future of medical images.
Are you having any problems with organizing teaching file? EV Palette is the solution enabling you to create more effective teaching files. The main purpose of our software is to organize files flexibly allowing direct access to case images in our PACS. It is useful for in-hospital conferences, case studies for educational purposes, interpretation workshops before research presentations ,and much more.

EV Palette allows you to design your own visually effective teaching file in a mind map diagram by easy and convenient functions.
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